Judging by the placement of several signs along the streetcar route through the University of Arizona, the person or persons doing the placement, must not think highly of the bike lanes.

The first image is on Park Avenue heading north. The stop sign is placed in the bike lane and the sign itself stretches even further into the area bicyclists ride.


The second image has the same problem, but is even harder to navigate because the space between the rail and the curb is less than three feet and the sign takes up about a foot and a half of it.

photo 3

The last image is the most egregious. The entrance to the contraflow bike lane is completely blocked with signage forcing cyclists into oncoming traffic lane to get around it.

photo 1

4 thoughts on “Photos: Sign placement on UA campus leaves much to be desired”
  1. 3wheeler  “Tucson-Stupid”. I didn’t go up there because of that barrage of signage…got halfway past before I saw the exempted sign. What’s wrong with “Do Not Enter –  Bicycles Only”?

  2. The signs seem to be exceptionally stupidly-placed temporary (as in construction zone) signs. Who did this? UA? COT? 
    When permanent signs are installed, where will they be placed? Same stupid and dangerous placement? What will the permanent signs be like?

  3. This (last photo) has been fixed. Out of huge concern for bike safety or exposure by TucsonVelo? You decide.

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