Photo by Devon Balet/Epic Rides
Photo by Devon Balet/Epic Rides

Almost 1,900 mountain bikers descended on Willow Springs Ranch north of Tucson to compete in the 14th annual 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, which was sponsored by Tucson Medical Center.

Event organizer and Epic Rides president Todd Sadow said the weekend was a success.

“The weather was perfect, the crowd was great, everybody was obviously excited to be there,” Sadow said. What makes it so much fun is the camaraderie, sharing a weekend with 2,000 of your best mountain biking friends.”

Check out the results here.

Each year I pull out some of the best names. Be warned, they are often offensive:

2013 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

Each year thousands of people head to the desert north of Tucson for 24 hours of mountain bike racing hosted by Epic Rides. This year’s race was sponsored by Tucson Medical Center

Storified by Mike McKisson· Sun, Feb 17 2013 20:48:34

Use the link below to check out the results
2013 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Presented by Tucson Medical Center
Ready to start @Epicrides #24HOP. Hoy
24 Hours in the Old Puebloe Holeshot!bmatter2007
Would have been so cool if everyone broke out in the Harlem Shake. Instead it was just a Le Mans start #24HOP … Bojko
Another 24hrs of fun with @TEAMSHOAIR at #24HOP kicked off at noon today! Pulford
The weather could not have been more perfect. Event organizers had to remind people to bring sunscreen. 
Lessons learned at #24HOP… Sweat + dirt does not equal SPF30. Wear your sunscreen.Katie Ellis
A rare shot of me completing the final lap for @RudyProjectNA RETREADS! 20 laps done = 3rd in our age group #24HOP Nilsen
This guy. He brought the party. #24HOP #mtb #mountainbike Goff
Racing at night on the #24HOP course is like a video game with all the traffic, Cholla & twisty singletrack! Out of this world experience.Chloe Woodruff
What a great weekend at the #24HOP! @Epicrides sure knows how to put on a fantastic event. Our team put in fast laps this morning for 2nd!Chloe Woodruff
289 MTB miles in 24 hours! World, you just got served. @ritajett wins all the awards. 24 Hours of Pueblo champ! #24HOP #stokedJaneen McCrae
Apparently someone came here to ride bikes. #24HOP S.
Halfway point, aka the Whiskey Tree. Rolling along in the @Epicrides #24HOP Young
Rock Drop at Old Pueblo! #24HOP Orme
Six down, 18 to go. Lights are coming on @Epicrides #24HOP. Hoy
Third night lap has begun for the @RudyProjectNA RETREADS… Sitting 5th in our cat… Go Hunter Go! #24HOP Nilsen
Even at 3:16 AM @JD5311 is making sure the @RudyProjectNA RETREADS have smooth riding whips! #24HOP Nilsen
#3am #selfportrait #mindgames #freakydeakytime #24hop @ 24 Hour Town, Old Pueblo Titone
CTS athlete @TracyThelen & husband Nick sitting in a strong 3rd overall @ #24HOP #allbusiness!! Pulford
WOW! That hurt! Finished my 3rd lap at #24HOP, the teams 15th total lap. Still sitting 3rd @chrisjeffrey on deck! Nilsen
And the sun also rises @Epicrides #24HOP #24OP with @DevonBalet Flyer Mag
#newdaydawning #24hop @ 24 Hour Town, Old Pueblo Titone
Good morning again. Getting ready for my third lap(first in full daylight!). One more! #24hop… Swift
Nice way to start the day – I got the sunrise lap and these guys. AND Team Bacon Power is up in to 6th! #24HOP Peery

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