Make: Motobecane
Model: [model]
Color: Light Dusty Blue
Serial # :
Where stolen: West University Neighborhood, Tucson, AZ
Time: 5:20pm
Date: 2/15/13
Type of lock: None
Report #: e130460808

Unique traits: Brown cotton handlebar tape with twine finishings. Break levers are time trial levers mounted on the bar ends of drop style handlebars. The bike had a chrome rear rack with a custom hardwood top. Gold cable housings. Brown suede saddle.

Theft description: The bike was stolen from the back of my girlfriend’s truck while we were inside of her house. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lock on the bike so the thief must have just picked it up and rode away.

2 thoughts on “Stolen bike: Light blue Motobecane”
  1. Hope you are able to get your bike returned … but want to comment on the clever means of hanging the bike off of the wall.  Very nice.  If I may ask, how is the stem connected to the wall plate?

  2. Thanks!
    The stem fits in a galvanized pipe that screws into the pipe flange that is attached to the wall. The spacer nut on the stem that is normally used to secure it to the fork works just as well in the right sized pipe! I added a little bit of extra stability by drilling a hole through the pipe and putting a pin through the pipe and the stem, but it shouldn’t need it unless the bike is really back heavy.I just wanted to add that the bike is a Motobecane Super Mirage. I must have forgotten to put that in the “model” field.

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