The three weeks Michelle Anderson spent riding her bike back and forth to a 3-week class at the University of Arizona has inspired her to buy a bike when she returns home to Chicago.

The fourth-year medical student was in town attending an international health class, because she is hoping to get a residency in South Africa or Madagascar when she completes school.

She says the woman she rented a house from for the class offered to let Michelle use her Specialized Hardrock to get back and forth between home and school.

She says it’s been a great experience and she has been surprised by how courteous the drivers have been on her commute, which takes her from Alvernon and Third Street to the UA.

The majority of her trips were on Third Street, but she says she did try riding on Broadway. She says she vastly preferred Third Street.

She says, though, that she was surprised the pavement was so rough. At one point, she says a bump was so big it knocked her water bottle out of the cage.

She enjoyed riding her bike so much that she is planning to get one when she returns to Chicago. She says she has a beach cruiser, but doesn’t think that is practical for riding around Chicago.

She says it seems like a practical way to get around, especially in big cities like Chicago because you don’t have to worry about finding and paying for parking.

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