Donald Barre bought his Specialized about nine years ago when he lived in New Hampshire. He says he moved to Tucson three years ago and says everything — especially the winters — are different, but he loves it.

Barre had just walked his bike across the Campbell Avenue bridge from the north side of the Rillito to the south.

“I see a lot of people ride across the bridge, but for me it is all about safety,” he says.

Barre says it would be great for him if the south side were paved, but said he couldn’t really comment on it unless he knew how it was going to affect the neighbors in the area.

He rides the river path often and likes it because he doesn’t have to deal with cars. Usually he starts at La Cañada and goes until Craycroft Road.

He rides for three reasons: 1. He enjoys it. 2. He tore his meniscus and it is great therapy. 3. He likes getting the exercise.

Lastly, he says people should get the hell out of their houses and go biking.

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