Tim Denim stopped at Ordinary Bike Shop earlier this week to check on a part he had on order and enjoy the warm weather.

Tim is from a small town in northern New Mexico called Madrid, but he says it’s pronounced “mad” and “rid.” Tim says it was a “hippie township that doesn’t have police because they didn’t have crime.”

While Tim enjoyed Madrid he says he loved riding in Tucson because there is “higher quotient of cool bike people.”

In 2009, Tim went on tour from Tucson to Seattle. He gained some notoriety in Seattle when Bike Hugger spotted him in a pith helmet and wool military surplus jacket he purchased in Portland because it was so cold.

Tim says he replaced the Raleigh he used on his bike tour with this Yuba Mundo.

“I needed a car and this is what I got,” Tim said pointing at his Yuba.

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