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When the snow started falling in Tucson yesterday afternoon, it was everything I could do to not bolt from by desk and hop on the bike.

I had a deadline and couldn’t do it. Not being able to ride in the snow was disappointing.

I was filled with excitement when I cam out from my MBA class at 9 p.m. to find it snowing once again. It didn’t last long, but it did stick on the ground a bit.

What I realized as I was pedaling home in the snow and rain is that having the right gear makes all the difference.

I through on my waterproof windbreaker and waterproof pants and was warm and dry the whole way home.

I’m glad I at least got to ride in it for a little bit this evening. What about you, did you get to ride in the snow?

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4 thoughts on “Riding a bike in Tucson’s snow storm”
  1. Mike – I rode from class in the Modern Languages building to downtown about 11:45 AM.  My rain jacket worked great, the jeans…not so great 🙂  It was definitely fun riding in the big wet flakes.

  2. Did not do any riding, but I had a rare day off from both of my jobs and no pending errands/obligations of any kind. Instead, I got to spend the whole day laying on my extra large bean bag with my two Chihuahuas, copious amounts of Chai tea, a great book, some equally great classical guitar CDs playing softly in the background, a wonderful view out of the large picture window of my upstairs apartment and to top it all off, a cheerie (albeit fake) fire going in my electric fireplace…. My idea of heaven =)

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