If you were one of the brave people who straddled a bike to get to work or have some fun this morning, send your soggy photos to bicycletucson@gmail.com and I’ll post them on this thread. While it’s fun to get wet, be aware of what’s happening around you.

Here’s mine after dropping off the mostly dry kids.


Here’s a photo by Irene McKisson who is social media editor for the Arizona Daily Star. She went for a ride to take images of the Rillito. This is her mobile reporting station.

image (1)

Here’s a video by Steve Wilson:

Here are a couple submitted by Daniel Stolte. He said these are from a different day, but still show it’s fun to commute in the rain.

Monsoon Commute 2014_3

Monsoon Commute 2014_4

Monsoon Commute 2014_2

One thought on “Share your Tucson bicycle flood photos if you’ve got ’em”
  1. Perhaps viewers will be exhorted, in month or two, to share photos of the deadly potholes, cracks, alligators, fissures, separations, gravel, general unpleasantness, etc., etc., that result from this fun…

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