phototwowaySixth Avenue is now open to two-way traffic for the entire length of the road.

We wrote about the upcoming change in July and now it’s been repaved and open to traffic.

Ann Chanecka said sharrows will be added to the road, but it was not wide enough for bike lanes and parking.

The addition of two-way traffic makes the route a viable alternative to Fourth Avenue. Cyclists wishing to avoid the Sixth Avenue underpass can head west on Seventh Street to hit Toole Avenue.

View Two-Way Sixth Ave in a larger map

What do you think? Will you use it as an alternative to Fourth Avenue?


3 thoughts on “Sixth Avenue now open to two-way traffic”
  1. Red Star doesn’t understand the white stripes running north/south (both directions) in the Tucson Velo photo. White stripes on roadway usually are a demarcation but in this application it’s difficult to tell a demarcation of what: cars, don’t drive here? Cars, don’t park here? Don’t park your COT ESD green and your blue (for the recyclables) garbage container here every Wednesday? Or, if it’s not really a bike lane, why stripe it (and incur the cost of implementation and maintenance)?


  2. Inevitably if you don’t give drivers a cue as to where you want them to drive, they will drive everywhere. In this case the yellow double demarcates the centerline about which they need to stay to the right of and the white line demarcates the shy line indicating that which they need to stay to the left of.

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