Paul Reimer, an adjunct professor at the University of Arizona School of Architecture says he doesn’t know what his Gary Fisher bicycle is actually called (Simple City 8), but he says it is a really smart bike.

He says the internal gear hub and relaxed geometry make it a lot of fun to ride..

For Reimer, riding his bike only makes sense.

“It’s not about a crusade, it is about practicality,” Reimer says.

3 thoughts on “Tucsonans and their bikes: practical ride”
  1. The Gary Fisher Simple City models (3 speeds & 8 speeds) are a great practical bike for Tucson. I think the rack on front is a bit cumbersome for parking on campus, but not all models come with one. Plus, 3 speeds is all you need in Tucson. Here’s a link to a picture of my GF Simple City:
    Now I have a rear rack w/two foldaway metal baskets
    Problem is, Trek is no longer continuing this model in 2011…bummer!

  2. Nice commuter bikes. I don’t know about only needing 3 speeds though… Then again I change out of my bibs and jersey when I get to work ;).

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