IMG_9047Check out the video of the bat-wing bike I shot after the All Souls Procession last night. The bike was the last of the procession and even shot flames.

I haven’t seen this bike out and about before. Have you?

There were a lot of other bikes in the procession including the cowcycle. Did you spot any cool bikes?


3 thoughts on “Video: The 2013 All Souls Procession Bat-Wing Bike”
  1. the bat wing bike got shut down on Alameda in front of the city court building.  The ushers surrounded it and had the fire shut off.  The fireballs were very cool.  /who knew there were ushers?  Not me.

  2. I saw him testing the bike on Treat Ave just south of Glenn St about 5 weeks ago at dusk. Amazing machine. I was not aware of the fire until this video.

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