1560452_733272850057535_1574254555_nBike Fest starts tomorrow, but the month-long celebration of all things biking really geets started on Thursday with the first of several bike-in movies.

Goonies is up first and will start at 7 p.m. at Alvernon Park located at 3900 E. 3rd Street, Tucson 85711.

The movie will be displayed on projection system that can be transported by bicycle.

Here is the description of the event:

The Bike Fest Tucson Bike-In Movie Series is presented to you by Tuesday Night Bike Riders Collin Forbes and David Forbes (not related) who are as equally passionate about bikes and bicycling as they are about technology and engineering. So what happens when you combine these two passions with FUN, bicycle-themed movies?? You get a self-contained, bike-portable, movie set up that is able to go anywhere a bike can – which means we can watch movies in the middle of the city in special places hidden in broad daylight by our autocentric infrastructure.

Here’s the other bike-in movie nights:
* Goonies – April 3 (Thursday) at Alvernon Park
* E.T. – April 11 (Friday) at Congress/I-10
* Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure – April 19 (Saturday) at Franklin Docks
* The Triplets of Belleville – April 25 (Friday) at Rio Vista Natural Resource Park (the end of Tucson Blvd)

You can RSVP here.

4 thoughts on “Check out Goonies at bike in movie Thursday”
  1. Is that a school night for TUSD? Seems an unfortunate choice.
    ET is on a Friday, however.

  2. @Kylie StrawHousePig  Yes. The first time a long time ago. The last time… maybe within the last 12 months. Not sure why you ask. But…

    The “unfortunate choice” is the night it’s being shown, not the movie itself. Hence my wondering if that Thursday is a school night.

    I have elementary school age kids that have watched it so I know younger kids would enjoy watching it (if only it wouldn’t put them riding home at close to 9 P.M. on a school night).

    I can’t go with you. (What? Just in case! :p )

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