Be on the lookout for this bike and email Edgar if you spot it or call the numbers on the poster.

My 2010 Gary Fisher Superfly 100 was stolen in the early morning of Monday December 6th.  It was locked to my car and the cable was cut.  This is a virtually brand new bike (less than 200 miles) and it will be sorely missed.  I am offering a reward for it’s safe return.

Click the image for a larger version of the poster.
2 thoughts on “Stolen bike: 2010 Gary Fisher Superfly 100”
  1. that really does suck, i hope you find it and that karma catches up with the theif! Someone stole my bike recently and it was found all mangled and dumped in a ditch – they just wanted to joyride on it. I wouldn’t mind so much if it was someone who really needed a bike but couldn’t afford one!!

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