Be on the lookout for this bike.

Make: Black Schwinn

Model: Voyageur GSD
Color: Black
Serial # :
Purchased: Desert Bycyles
Where stolen: Marvel building, UA campus
Time: 6:00 PM
Date: 08/22/2010
Type of lock: Cable Lock
Report #: U1104210027

Unique traits: rear red light, black basket holder in front, handle with bike light holder

Theft description: Someone cut the cable lock and took away the bike around 7 PM today parked in front of Marvel building, Chemistry Department. It is a used bike that I had adjusted for my own comfort riding.

One thought on “Stolen bike: Black Schwinn Voyageur”
  1. I just had a similar bike get stolen from me this morning. looks basically the same as the picture, but with a yellow bottle holder and a mirror and front light attached to the handlebars with electrical tape.

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