Make: Republic
Model: Aristotle
Color: Wasabi (bright green)
Serial # : SF1009044117
Where stolen: 4th Avenue, Tucson, AZ
Time: Between 9pm and 2:30am
Date: 10/30/11
Type of lock: Kabletek
Report #: 1110310063

Unique traits: Bright green frame, glow-in-the-dark handlebar grips

Theft description: Two bikes were locked on the same cable on a bike rack on 4th Avenue. We came back a few hours later to find the broken cable lying on the ground and only one of the bikes had been taken. The Kabletek lock had been cut at the connection point. Looks like many attempts were made at cutting the cable itself, but were unsuccessful. The only things different on the bike from the picture are the grips, pedals, and lights. The bike had Origin8 red anodized pedals, Stolen Money glow-in-the-dark grips, and CatEye Loop front and rear lights.

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