I had this email forwarded to me by a reader:

Hello all —

A bike was recently stolen from behind my residence on Palo Verde Blvd. The bike was a black Trek frame with an XtraCycle extension (making it visibly different than most bikes). There is a photo of the bike attached in this message. Note: the current handlebars were different that in this photo.

If you happen to see this bike around, or anyone riding the bike, please call me immediately, anytime: 520.668.8560.

Thank you  ……  and make sure your bikes are well locked-up!


Give Brian a call if you spot his bike.

12 thoughts on “Stolen Bike: Trek with Xtracycle”
  1. Are you seeing the other photos on the site? How about the ones that were published with the paving project story?

  2. I can see it as well… that really sucks. Of course bike theft normally sucks, but it’s more likely that sort of bike was more a ‘way of life’ bike… 🙁

  3. The top of the picture is fine, down to the lady’s shoulders. The rest of the pic is not there. I see everything else on your site just fine.
    The weird thing is the last stolen bike picture didn’t come through for me either.

  4. Brian, I have an idea, one of my sponsors is KarmaArmy.com. You can register a description on there free. They have had some sucesses recovering bikes.

    Tell him Rob from HARC sent you.

  5. Same for me too – if I ckick on it the whole thing shows up, but as part of the page I’m only getting the top 4th or so.

    The rightmost column (with links to sponsors, etc.) are suddenly not displaying for me either. Using I.E.7 (Yeah – that’s the problem right there.)

  6. Argh, here I am naive thinking i’m immune to my bike being stolen because it has an xtracycle! Thieves will steal anything! Best of luck to you finding your bike. I will be on the lookout.

  7. No difference, I still only see the top part. I tried what Scott said and clicked on it. That brought up the photo’s file and I could see the entire picture then. It just doesn’t all show up in the normal fashion.

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