Make: hybrid unsure of brand

Model: unknown

Color: maroon hand painted with green/blue design

Serial # : N/A

Purchased: N/A

Where stolen: Central tucson

Time: unknown

Date: January 8 2012

Type of lock: Padlock from shed. Also has ulock attached to frame

Report #: didnt think i could get a report for a bike. didnt call

Unique traits: Hand painted, hybrid style, yellow bottle holder, back rack, ulock and  back light still attached

Theft description: Was stolen from the shed at my house. Padlock broken and bike taken. It is a hand painted maroon bike with blue/green leaf like designs painted on frame. No serial number or brand name but is literally one of a kind. Has a yellow bottle holder.

One thought on “Stolen hybrid bike”
  1. I’ll look for it. Having double-occupied a 144-square-foot apartment for two years, I can attest that that there is no living space so small that a bicycle can’t be brought inside. Just a thought.

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