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Link roundup: November 4

Post any interesting links in the comment section.



Red Star
Red Star

And in other TPD news, TPD officers (probably the usual, the motorcycles) worked the quota over at 3rd and Treat last Tuesday despite being asked/told repeatedly to leave it alone:

E 3RD ST & N TREAT AV    10-28 Tue     11:24 AM     Bicycle traffic     BT     E143010438
E 3RD ST & N TREAT AV      10-28 Tue     10:54 AM     Bicycle traffic     BT     E143010407
E 3RD ST & N TREAT AV      10-28 Tue     10:45 AM     Bicycle traffic     BT     E143010397

Easy duty for a quota-driven police department?

Here's the interesting link:

Also, the Red Star Bureau of Irony found this:

***FREE*** Drivers Training for Teens this Weekend!!!

Ironic in light of recent developments.