One thought on “2016 El Tour de Tucson roundup”
  1. Wow, never heard such complaining about a major charity event that brings millions of dollars into the local economy.  El Tour happens one day a year.  If you don’t like it plan ahead, choose alternate routes, but don’t forget the $12.8M raised for charities.  Now how about all the sales revenue for gas, food, hotels, souvenirs and that’s a few extra bucks for Tucson economy.

    I wonder how many people complain when New Orleans celebrates Mardi Gras?  Or D/FW has a NASCAR, football or baseball event?  You live in a city and you’re going to have to cope.  One day a year, really?

    I was reading my issue of Tailwinds and the supplement on El Tour.  There was a small block with some statistics.  2,667 riders in the 106 mile, 710 in the 76 mile, 1,334 in the 54 mile, 951 in the 37 mile (including me) and 384 in the 28 mile.  That’s over 6,000 riders!  So factor in the Bike Patrol (118), Fun Ride (724) and thus add another 1K.

    Mark your calendars and make your plans, Saturday, November 18, 2017.  The 35th El Tour de Tucson.  I’ll be there at the 37 mile starting line…

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