4,940: The number of bicyclists who completed one of the five major distances

7.88%: The decrease in finishers compared to 2015

788: The number of different cities and towns participants came from

29%: The percentage of finishers that are women

47: Average age of the finishers

366,916: The number if miles ridden by the 4,940 finishers 

5 thoughts on “2016 El Tour de Tucson by the numbers”
  1. DavidWohl That’s a good question that I can’t answer. Because there is a mass start there is no data about how many people didn’t start the race vs how many people finished. I suppose Perimeter knows how many people picked up race packs vs. how many people crossed the finish line. 
    The finishers fluctuates each year. The rainy year was very low.

  2. MikeMcKisson DavidWohl I assume they know how many people crossed the starting line.  But they’ve never listed people as DNF, so I assume they don’t make that public.

  3. I’d like to find the gentleman who stopped to help me out on Irvington after I got caught up in someone else’s mess. I was in a pretty bad way and I’d like to thank you for caring.

  4. For the first time I rode in El Tour.  My biggest concern was getting my Catrike to the 37 mile start line and Adobe Transportation took care of that nicely and at a reasonable cost.  I hope Adobe continues their services.

    Tucson has grown since I last lived here thirty years ago (I grew here).  I used to ride my bicycle down Roller Coaster Road when it was dirt and doing that was a test of one’s metal.  My father built the third house on O’Betka in 1956.  My heart is still in the Sonoran Desert so much so that I’ll ride in the 35th El Tour except, I’ll be a resident of Tucson this time.

    This a fine website and I’ll follow it… on three wheels.  Thank you BicycleTucson.com

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