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3 thoughts on “Link roundup: September 5”
  1. KyleVanRenterghem I’m just that good. Actually, I usually start these the night before and add a day so that it’s correct. I started this one this morning, but still added a day. Thanks for pointing it out. I’ve fixed it.

  2. Here’s an update on TPD enforcement at 3rd and Treat. Thursday and Friday numbers are in. It looks like TPD was otherwise involved Thursday, but Friday the TPD quota/performance standards work-arounders went nuts there, 3rd and Treat:
    7:39 am

    7:22 am

    7:13 am

    7:03 am

    Playing catchup, perhaps? Or perhaps the result of a “clerical error?” We do know that rather than patrolling for and correcting serious bike/ped/motorist problems during Friday’s morning rush hour, TPD gamers were having, well, you know, having a treat!

    The media are indifferent.

    yep, yep, yep

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