When we moved last month, we lost the ability to put our bikes in the garage and the (theoretical)security that comes with.

I say theoretical because I once had a bike stolen from our garage. It helps to actually close the garage door.

When we moved we needed a good way to keep the bikes secure and also easily accessible for us to grab them and go. Making the bikes too much of a hassle for us to get them out and riding discourages us from using them, which was one of the main reasons we moved.

Enter local bicyclist and metal worker Colin Holmes.

Holmes is the man behind Rusty Pedal Metal Works and was the fabricator of ghost bike used in this year’s Ride of Silence.

We contracted him to make a bike enclosure that would fit our bikes and our space. He added details to fit the design of the house and added the box around the lock to make it harder to get tools in there to cut it.

Clearly if a thief is determined to get your bike, he will, but we hope this is enough of a deterrent to protect them.

How do you keep your bikes secure?

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