The City of Tucson has installed a new Bike Hawk at Campbell Avenue and Ninth Street.

Check out the photo Tucson Cyclist Colby Henley posted on Instagram.

The crossing makes Ninth Street a viable east/west route from Fourth Avenue to Country Club Road since both major road crossings at Park Avenue and Campbell Avenue have bike and pedestrian signals to get across the arterial roads.

4 thoughts on “Photo: Tucson’s newest Bike Hawk”
  1. Park? or did you mean Euclid? Last I saw Park was an adequate four-way stop, and the Euclid crossing is more pedestrian-friendly than bike-friendly (must ride on sidewalks to reach the button). In any case, the Campbell one will make my life much better.

    -Dan Cobbledick

  2. Hurri47 Yes. Those who live East of Campbell between  6th and Broadway who wish to use 9th as an access to downtown  are well-served.

  3. Does anyone know how long the lights remain inoperable before they get switched on? The HAWK at Sahuara Ave/Grant Rd still has the fabric over the lights and doesn’t respond to the beg button, and it’s been installed for > 1 month I think.

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