The University of Arizona is getting in on the pavement marking trend.

Shortly before classes started UA workers added sharrows on University Boulevard and wayfinding markings to help bike riders locate bike paths.

Check out the photos:

While the sharrows are nice clearly UA students need some education about what they mean.
Pavement marking directing cyclists to the Highland Bike Path
2 thoughts on “Photos: UA adding pavement markings on campus”
  1. There’s also a new, short striped path between Gould-Simpson and Physics/Atmospheric Sciences. This is in a place where cyclists were instructed to dismount between 7:30-17:30, but which was routinely ignored by golf cart drivers.

    Still need to dismount next to BioSciences West, because that sidewalk is too narrow and congested. But it’s nice to be able to ride to the bike racks, and also to that weird east-west cut-through north of BSW.

  2. ETA: The old signage instructing dismounting is down, so it’s pretty clear where you can ride and where you’re not allowed.

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