Creative Commons photo by Bruneel University.
Creative Commons photo by Brunel University.

It’s been 22 months since I started my MBA. On Wednesday I completed my last class and am officially done.

It’s been a challenge to juggle, my full-time job, family, MBA work and this website.

Often the quality of the stories here were not as good as they should be because I didn’t have the time to call the extra source or go to the public meeting about a project.

I’m really looking forward to digging back into the bike community in a more meaningful way. It may take me some time to get rolling again, but I’ll get there.

Thank you to those who stuck around during the last 22 months and thanks to those of you who gave me a hand during that time.

If there is something that you think needs some coverage, post a comment or drop me a line at


8 thoughts on “Digging back into Tucson Velo after completing my MBA”
  1. Congratulations, Mike.  I hope the effort pays dividends.  The LOOP, and other bike infrastructure is my number one interest.  I mostly ride my trike lately and prefer riding on paths without cars buzzing by, so no-car paths are my main interest.  I’d be happy to help investigate information on infrastructure if you like.  Matt Zoll said there’ll be construction starting in January on 2 sections of the LOOP.  That’ll be good for a few articles.  As for a different section of the LOOP, I’d love to hear what the homeowners North of Ft. Lowell park have to say about the LOOP being projected to go thru their secluded neighborhood.  I imagine they are all aware that the path is projected to go thru there.  I’m curious because the land for the path is still in private hands.  The attitude about the path will certainly play a major part in how easy the city, or county can acquire the land.  As interested as I am in knowing their mindset, it has to be a touchy subject with some of them, and making inquiries may not ease the situation.  None the less, inquiring minds would like to know.

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