Enjoying a sunset by bicycle after a 12-year hiatus.

Fresh on the heels of my trip to Los Angeles, Tucson Velo and family are on our way to Oceanside, Calif. for a little rest and relaxation.

Don’t worry, though, I’ve been working extra hard to write a few posts to run while we are gone and I’ve got some great contributions from Travis Woodruff, our cycling coach and Britt Brouse, who wrote a post about being an ambassador to cycling. Brouse will also publish the Link Roundups while we are gone.

Oceanside is where I actually returned to cycling after a long hiatus (caused by getting my driver’s license at age 16). The condo we rented at the time had beach cruisers, which we rode around the area. Those cruisers ignited my passion for bicycles and sparked a radical change in my life.

One year later and the bicycle has led to a radical change in my life.

Two summers ago, we took our own bikes to Oceanside and rode around a bit. I actually did a few longer rides on my single speed along the coast. It was absolutely beautiful.

This time, though, we’ll be with our 18-month-old daughter which might make route selection a little more difficult.

In addition to the posts about Tucson cycling, be on the lookout for images and videos from Oceanside to see what it is like to ride there.

Check out Oceanside’s bike map.

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