The Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists announced today that they won $50,000 from the Good Magazine and Ford Motor Company “Reinventing the Outdoors Grant.”

Check back next week for a story about how they hope to use the money and what it means for them to have won it.

According to SDMB vice president, Martha Lemen, the announcement hasn’t been made public yet.

Here is what the group had to say in their announcement, “GREAT NEWS! With the support of our dedicated cycling fans, friends, and family, SDMB won the GOOD/Ford “Reinventing the Great Outdoors” $50k Grant! That’s right… we beat out Will Ferrell, and Edward Norton! This money will go an incredibly long way toward improving Tucson’s Trails.

We can’t thank you enough, everyone!”



2 thoughts on “Local mountain bike group wins $50k”
  1. Our winning the $50k is truly a statement of how awesome the bike community is.  Thanks to everyone who voted, and thank you for your patience as we hammered the message on Facebook, twitter, and the larger bike network.  Woohoo!

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