Fairwheel Bike Shop got national attention from an international cycling news site for their demo mountain bike that uses electronic shifters at this year’s Interbike.

Here is a snippet from the article in cyclingnews.com:

Photo: © Richard Hurst

In the absence of Shimano’s eventual release of an off-road version of its electronic transmission system, several companies and retailers have taken it upon themselves to create their own modifications – and most of the ones we’ve seen over the past few months have been very clever, if not downright brilliant.

Arizona-based retailer Fairwheel Bikes has crafted the best example we’ve seen yet. Sure, it’s light and it’s pretty with lots of anodized aluminum bits but the key feature is Fairwheel’s custom designed electronic ‘brain’ that turns the 2×10 setup into a trick sequential shifting system using just one shifter.

In terms of user interface it’s as simple as could be when set in ‘race’ mode: simply tap one button for an upshift and the other one for a downshift. According to Fairwheel’s Jason Woznick, the custom brain calculates the gear inches and then shifts the front and/or rear derailleurs as needed to achieve the next logical ratio. Duplicate gears are ignored, too, and Woznick adds that the programming is designed to minimize cross-chaining and front derailleur shifts as well.

Read the rest of the article here.

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2 thoughts on “Fairwheel Bike Shop gets national publicity”
  1. WoW! Sounds amazing. Seems like it takes some of the thought out of shifting though. All you have to do is upshift or downshift and it figures ou if it has to go to the other chain ring.

  2. I won’t be trading my “manual transmission” any time soon, but still way cool. It’s pretty awesome that Fairwheel is not only a kick butt bike shop but is also pushing the envelope with new innovation. 🙂

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