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2 thoughts on “Link Roundup: December 2”
  1. If Red Star is wondering if having bike racks on buses works the answer is yes. When I’m not on my bike I’m on Suntran and the bike racks are in use 95% of the time, and full about 65% of the time. Pluses, if you have a flat across town and you forgot your patch kit you can get your bike home on the bus. If you are not in shape enough to ride as far as you need to go you can ride part of the way on the bus. If you need to make multiple stops at your destination you can take your bike, visit various locations, then board the bus back home without having to transfer to several bus lines to visit all the stops. If your bike needs fixin’ you can take it there, have it fixed, then ride it home. If you are taking the bus somewhere and won’t be home until late, after the buses have stopped running, you can take your bike and ride it home. If you are trying to reach a new distance milestone, you can take the bus there then ride home. If you don’t make it you don’t get home. Heh.Minuses, sometimes the bike rack is full and you have to wait for the next bus. Sometimes you forget you brought your bike and it ends up in Suntran’s Lost and Found. There aren’t any bike lockers at the Ronstadt Center. I love bike lockers. If you take too long putting your bike on the rack the bus driver gets annoyed. Lol. If you take the bus when you could have easily ridden your bike you feel guilty about being lazy. Long cargo bikes, trikes, or bikes that pull kiddie cars don’t fit. You aren’t allowed to put gas powered or electric bikes on the rack.

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