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I wrote a while back about the inadequate bicycle parking at the El Con movie theater. I also posted a piece last week about the city’s new bicycle parking rules that some in the business community want to relax.

I didn’t take a photo of the bike rack at El Con mall and have yet to follow up with their management, but I thought it would be good to start collecting businesses that have inadequate or no bike parking.

You can edit the map to include places where the bicycle parking needs to be improved. I’ve added one location. The spot I added is the Wells Fargo at Speedway Boulevard and Warren Avenue. They placed the grill-style bike rack in a parking space located next to a handicap parking spot.

According to an employee who works at the Wells Fargo, from his office he can hear the bike rack get clipped several times a day. The rack is also positioned about 100 feet away from the entrance, although it is in a high traffic area that is seen by everyone parking in the lot. Additionally there is a security guard who walks around outside the building.

It would be great if the bank updated the style of rack and put up some type of protection from cars pulling into the parking lot.

Please add your own locations to the map. You can edit it by clicking here and logging in or creating a Google account. Watch this guide to learn how to edit the map. If you don’t want to add your own location, but have a spot in mind. you can email me the description, location and photo. You can use the new submission form, here.

Maybe someone could also draft a form letter that could be sent to businesses with bike parking that needs improvement.

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