Here are two reasons why Irene suggested I start Oceanside Velo.

Beaches and amazing produce transported by bike.

12 thoughts on “Photos: Time to move?”
  1. Yeah, but the thing is you get to Oceanside and eventually start thinking “Hawaii Velo” (which there isn’t, there probably should be) . And then what?

  2. That looks a lot like where I live 🙂    e.g. this photo http://www.flickr.com/photos/bike/4364795014/

    It’s not quite the tropical paradise of Hawaii, but I’m happy enough where I’m at 🙂

  3. I vacation in Oceanside every summer, and love to ride through Camp Pendelton and up the coast–unfortunately, there’s no place else to ride there! Any suggestions?

  4. (Waving my hand at alanrock24):

    O00! Ooo! Pick on me! I have a ride suggestion! Here it is:

    Head east toward Mount Palomar. Yup, it’s an industrial-strength climb to get up to the observatory, but maybe that’s your idea of a good time. If not, just top out and roar down into the valley where Lake Henshaw is.

    After Henshaw, head south toward Anza-Borrego State Park. Place has road riding, MTB riding, and just hangin’ out and watching the days go by.

  5. Martha (waving back), Ok, I need a little more help than “head east”! Roads? Directions? I don’t know Oceanside very well (at least not when I’m not there), if you could give me more specific directions that would be great. Thanks!

  6. Alan,

    When I am back home, I can send you a few routes that I have done. I’m only on my phone this week, so it is tough to accomplish too much.

  7. Actually, Justin, it is the Polaroid app and I am on vacation. Give me a break!

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