Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 8.47.48 PMAfter more than three years and 2,200 posts, Tucson Velo is getting a new look.

The old site was beginning to look too cluttered and was due for a revamp.

We’ve cleaned up the menu making it easier to navigate the site and find specific types of posts.

In addition to the new banner image, you’ll see featured posts in the slider across the top of the page with posts that are popular and more timeless.

Just below the slider you’ll find the posts in the order they were published.

Along the side, you’ll find our sponsors, the most recent comments, upcoming events and ways to support the site.

Across the bottom, you’ll find our social media accounts.

Lastly, I’ve added an “All Posts” category, which will contain every single post in order of the publication date. It will look similar to the old layout. Simply bookmark and head there each morning if you liked the way the old site looked.

Poke around and let us know what you think about the new look of Tucson Velo.

10 thoughts on “Tucson Velo gets a new look”
  1. Yours Truly has been in the web biz for, oh, almost two decades. So, when I hear the word “redesign,” I cringe. Because some things were better before they were redesigned.
    In this instance, the redesign improved the website. So, kudos to you, Mike!

  2. On the article page, could you put the date of the article somewhere more prominent? Perhaps below the headline? Right now it’s well below the clutter zone.

  3. Nice and clean Mike. I just have a few suggestions:
    – The logo is really pixelated around the edges of “tucson velo” and the heart
    – Would be nice the have post information in a line below the title instead of that whole “About the post” box which makes it easy to miss comments
    – If you’re going to show an avatar for authors make sure you update your avatar so it’s not a blank box
    I hope this helps. Keep up the great work!

  4. @mikeonline thanks for the site redesign, it does look better. I can’t stand self-scrolling banners so now check your twitter daily.

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