Thomas Oehler, the rider you saw in the video, will be in Tucson tonight demoing trial biking during the Tuesday Night Bike Ride.

Emily Astiz, who works for Red Bull, Oehler’s sponsor, said he will be doing his demo at the Main Library whenever the ride makes its way there.

Check out Oehler’s site here.

Here is a some info from Wikipedia about mountain bike trial riding, which appears to be the similar.

Mountain bike trials, also known as observed trials is a discipline of mountain biking in which the rider attempts to pass through an obstacle course without setting foot to ground. Derived from motorcycle trials, it originated in Catalonia and is said to have been invented by the father of Ot Pi, a world champion motorcycle trials rider. Pi’s father had wanted his son to learn motorcycle trials by practising on an ordinary push bike.

Trials riding is an extreme test of bicycle handling skills, over all kinds of obstacles, both natural and man-made. It now has a strong — though small — following worldwide, though it is still primarily a European sport. Skills taken from trials riding can be used practically on any bicycle for balance, for example controlled braking and track standing, or balancing on the bike without putting a foot down. Competition trial bikes are characterised by powerful brakes, wide handlebars, lightweight parts, single-speed low gearing, low tire pressures with a thick rear tire, distinctive frame geometry, and typically lack of a seat.

Unfortunately, I can’t attend the ride tonight to check it out. If anyone takes photos or video, please send it along and I’ll post it on the site.

Details about the Tuesday Night Bike Ride.

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