Not one to shy away from pushing the envelope, the guys and gals over at Fair Wheel Bikes have once again created something awe inspiring.

In the past, we’ve seen the crew put together the lightest bike in the world and the smartest mountain bike. This time, however, they created a video showing off one of the most abused road bikes.

The video features two stunt riders doing tricks on Fair Wheel built bikes.

Bike Radar has a great post about the inspiration for the video. Here’s a few excerpts:

Taking a leaf out of Martyn Ashton’s book, the guys from Arizona-based Fair Wheel Bikes have been trying to find out how capable a carbon fibre road bike is as a trials machine.

“Several years ago we posted a brake review on our blog,” said Fair Wheel’s Jason Woznick. “When talking about raw stopping power we mentioned that we tested this by how hard we had to squeeze the brakes to get up on the front wheel and do a few wheel hops. Someone mentioned that they’d love to see a video of that. We tossed around the idea for a bit and then got sidetracked with other things.

Woznick said the main companies supplying equipment for the shoot – Shimano, ENVE Composites, NeilPryde and Tune – were fully behind the idea and had no doubts about their kit holding up to the rigors of stunts. Were they right? For the most part, yes.

One pinch flat, a chipped fork (caused by the crash at the end of the video) and a couple of slightly bent chainring teeth aside, there was no damage to speak of, and both bikes are still being used on a daily basis.

Read the rest of the post here.

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