I recently purchased a GoPro camera and have been trying it out on my commute. Most days nothing of interest happens, but occasionally I’ll encounter something interesting, funny or maddening.

When that happens, I’ll put together a short video showing what happened. I’m calling it the “Seen from the Saddle” series.

Here’s a few of the interesting encounters I had on the road yesterday.

7 thoughts on “Video: Seen from the Saddle”
  1. Way to put the hammer down in the cat 6 race! 😀

    I think I’ve seen that unicyclist on the Rillito River path some mornings. I wonder how far he commutes on that thing.

  2. 1) id love to see more “seen from the saddle”
    2) the  unicyclist was often on the tuesday night ride too!
    3) just a tip but turn down the audio on the gopro vid and the music up! turn it back up when you want us to hear something besides the riding.

  3. Huh! I haven’t been out on that path yet (really just ride 2 miles on Mountain to UA and back). I know at least one other guy that rides on a regular basis, he may live around there.

  4. What I want to know is: Are you the one who turned the bike legend on the southside of Ft. Lowell into a unicyclist legend? That always makes me smile.

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