While out for a ride with Luci to check out the newly paved Rillito and Santa Cruz river path connection, we stumbled upon this:

While not really bicycle related, it did happen near a bike path, so I’m posting it. The driver said once he realized how deep the sand was,  it was too late.

Eventually a friend with a large diesel truck came and pulled them out. Check out that exhaust! I’m not sure if that is glee in my voice when the second truck starts to get stuck.

My camera died, but eventually they were pulled out of the sand. I was shocked when the driver of the Durango drove right back into the area where he got stuck.

The event has been a great hit in our house and Luci has been saying, “Stuck, truck. Pull, guys.”

10 thoughts on “Video: Stuck truck”
  1. Martha’s evil theory: The power and pollution output of the truck varies inversely with the IQ of the driver.

    And I have another theory: The size of the SUV has an inverse relationship with the IQ of the driver.

  2. Not supposed to use a tow strap for dynamic pulls like that, need a snatch strap (boingy boingy)… also, neither vehicle appears to have proper recovery points and they certainly aren’t using D-ring shackles.

    I like trucks and doing silly things in them, not a big fan of the seemingly endless army of morons who enjoy doing the same unfortunately…

  3. The black smoke is what’s left from incomplete combustion of sentience.  No intelligence was present to be incinerated.

  4. I don’t know. We stayed up on top to watch the train. She loves “choo choos” so were standing a close to it as possible.

    She says the trains scare her, but she loves them. I think they are more thrilling rather than scary when we are that close.

  5. My daughter was the same way at that age.  Like you, we don’t live near the tracks so seeing a train was always something that’d happen while we were out and about.  Whenever we saw a train we’d always stop to watch it because she was so thrilled.  You’re a good dad.  

  6. So what are the rules regarding motor drive vehicles in the river bed?  By what connection did the meander into the river?  Why is it ok to mock cagers?  Seems like work your own program would apply here.  Hey Red Star where are you when we need you?  This thread needs an uber snarky comment.  I guess low hanging fruit is not your kind of sport.

  7. They probably drove from Camino de la Tierra where it goes thru the wash.  It’s maybe a 1/2 mile from this location.

  8. Don’t know if this is still the case, but back when I did more dirt-bike riding, one would be facing hefty fines if caught riding in a wash within city limits.  Even if that weren’t the case, you have to admit it’s still an appallingly stupid thing to do at the tail end of monsoon season.  While I’m not one to mock cagers for no real reason, if you can’t mock stupidity then what’s left?

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