In the weekend open thread you can suggest story ideas, talk about what happened in the news last week, rail against drivers, anything.

5 thoughts on “Weekend open thread: July 31- Aug 1”
  1. Are there any stories you'd like me to report on? I've got my own list, but want to make sure I am getting you the news you want to read about.

  2. 1) Go on a ride-along with TPD bike patrol (if they even allow this, you'll probably have to use one of their bikes and sign many COT liability waivers). What do these people do all day?

    2) Graffiti on Aviation Bikeway signs, especially midtownish segments. These signs weren't cheap and were well-intentioned. As of a few weekends ago (July 4th) they were rendered useless with graffiti. Is that still the case and are pricey bike route signs naïve and fiscally unsustainable in the Old Pueblo? Do cyclists really need them or are they pricey graffiti-magnets?

    3) Flood conditions on Aviation Bikeway: now that the monsoon seems to be doing its thing in midtown, has the Aviation Bikeway been rendered useless?

    4) Long term cost of maintaining existing and prospective gee-whiz bicycle infrastructure in the Old Pueblo — can COT afford it, is there the will, the demand? Many good ideas are out there and some credible implementation, but let's face it: the long haul lies beyond the career horizon of most planners.

    5) When will 3rd St. bike boulevard in Sam Hughes neighborhood be reclassified as a mountain bike route by COT?

    6) What happened to the possibility of a Tucson velodrome? If one googles it there was quite a buzz a few years ago, during the bubble years, then it just fell off the radar. Time for a status-check?

    7) Steal a bike and report back to us with findings. No, don't do that…ethics

  3. Maintenance is not considered
    progress; but, lack of maintenance
    sure results in regress.
    The approach to maintaining things
    here, I guess, partially results from
    how long things last in the desert.
    Things turn to rubble after 2-3 years
    elsewhere if you don't address them.
    Here, it seems things slide off into
    oblivion and the city can get away
    with it. People complain some but
    they don't really demand that the
    infrastructure be attended to–to
    keep it as nice as it should be.
    Comes down to a priority of budget
    It will have to be a higher priority
    as things get more use by more
    and more people.

  4. Hey Mike,

    Regarding Red Star's suggestion about at TPD bike patrol ride along, I did see one of their bike officers a couple weeks back that had an artificial leg – might be an interesting story there.

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