Fourth Avenue and University Boulevard

ADVANCE NOTICE: Beginning at 5 a.m. on Saturday, June 30, and Monday, July 2, the contractor will place the first lift of pavement on Fourth Avenue between Sixth Street and University Boulevard. Haul trucks delivering materials will enter the work area from side streets. Paving will begin at Sixth Street and progress north to University Boulevard. Side street connections will be paved on Monday, July 2. Residents and businesses should be alert for personnel and heavy equipment in the area.

The final lift of pavement is scheduled to be placed in mid July. Final details will be provided prior to the work beginning.

Construction crews prepare 4th Avenue for paving.

Please note: Roadway closures indicate areas where roads are closed to vehicular and bicycle traffic. Pedestrian access adjacent to these closures will be maintained at all times. Cyclists must walk their bikes while using the sidewalks.

8 thoughts on “Weekend streetcar construction update”
  1. Yes, University and 4th are going to be positively harrowing for bikes once they reopen. I wonder if it’s feasible to turn one parking lane into a 2-way cycle track.

  2. At least the tracks are better than the old one which were bumpy etc…  and there won’t be any streetcar moving this year till whole construction is done and testing is done…  that would be probably late 2013.  I recall that service would officially begin in Early 2014.   So  When you cross the inserection, they would be much flatter thane before and you need to remind yourself constantly that there are tracks there!

    Also the whole 4th Ave(From University to Congress) would be smoother with zero potholes for decade!   Better than nothing…  If there were no streetcars, we would be still complaining to them to fix those potholes and irregular surfaces!

  3. Tracks aren’t that bad. When I lived in San Francisco the various tracks just became part of the street texture. Compared to cable car tracks these will be much easier to navigate. At least the street will be smoother and not jostle the groceries. Just keep the front wheel happy.

  4. Maybe the city should ban parking along University from Euclid to 4th Avenue and spend the monies they were planning to spend to create a maze through campus using 5th St to make an alternate bike route on Third Avenue from University to the Aviation path connection?  

    One of the reasons I ride a bicycle is it is faster and easier in an urban setting.  The proposed routes paralleling University along the St Car route are slower and more difficult to use than University.  We’ve all been ending our way through these confusing indirect routings for the past several months.  Why would we want to make this a permanent situation?  

  5. OK….the cyclist death and more recent serious injury occurred on the ‘not so bad’ new tracks.

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