The City of Tucson has added flashing crosswalk signs to the bicycle and pedestrian crossings on Euclid Avenue at Second Street and Fifth Street.

The lights were not installed until several weeks after the streetcar construction had forced cyclists to use the two intersections while University Boulevard was closed to bicycle traffic.

The flashing lights are similar to the ones that have been installed along St. Mary’s.

Here’s a short video showing what the lights look like.

What do you think? Do you like them? Think they help?

3 thoughts on “Tucson adds flashing beacons to Euclid crossing”
  1. These are not the LFRBs or whatever that were described at the BAC meeting. And, am I right, there are only two of them….one for northbound traffic at the 5th street crossing and one at 2nd street for southbound? They do not stand out in the daylight amid all the confusion currently in the area. Guess we’re lucky it seems to be a lightly attended summer session.

  2. ZZ, there are two at each intersection. The one in the image and video is the one for northbound traffic at 2nd Street.

  3.  It is indeed a lightly attended summer session. Was like that last year too. Wonder what’s up.

    Until 2010, UA in the summer was almost as packed as the fall and winter.

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