I’d like to take a moment to introduce TriSports.com, which has a giant retail space here in Tucson, as a site sponsor.

I’ve written about TriSports when they were recognized by the League of American Bicyclists as the only bike-friendly business in the state and when they launched their concierge service.

There may be a few things you didn’t know about them, though.

TriSports carries seven major bike brands including; Cervelo, Felt, Scott, GURU, Litespeed, Quintana Roo and Kestrel. The shop also has a full-service repair shop that uses an ultrasonic parts cleaner on their tune ups and overhaul procedures.

TriSports can also make sure you and your bike fit perfectly. They have a full-service fit studio with Arizona’s only GURU Dynamic Fit Unit. The high-tech fit bike they use is a computerized robotic assisted fitting system, which allows their certified fitters to make minor adjustments as the cyclist is pedaling — providing instant feedback on the position’s effect on power output and spin analysis. One of their certified bike fitters is also a woman who can help women cyclists get fit to their bikes.

A TriSports.com mechanic works on a bike at a mobile repair station.

TriSports gives back to Tucson by supporting events such as the Tucson Bicycle Classic, Tour de Cure, Tour de Cookie, Cyclovia, all PBAA events as well as many other ABRA calendar races and now Tucson Velo. They also encourage cycling participation through the support of the Jr. El Tour program and the creation of the TriSports Cycling Club.

Lastly, they are committed to practicing sustainable business practices. They recently completed installation of the Western U.S. region’s largest private commercial water harvesting system. They reuse or recycle approximately 95 percent of all inbound packaging and encourage their staff to bicycle commute by offering a commuter program that rewards employees for riding to work.

I’m thrilled to have them on the site. It is the sponsors who make it possible for me to continue providing you with timely news and information about bicycling in Tucson. Please let each of our sponsors know you appreciate their support.

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