A flowing Rillito River on a recent EveryStreetTucson ramble.

School is back in session, which means my progress will be slower until it starts to cool off and I can ride later and longer. I certainly appreciate the summer and getting out of the house for a ride and being home early enough to have the rest of the day ahead of you.

I also appreciate the cooler days when you can ride for as long as you want without worrying out dehydration. I guess I just appreciate riding my bike.

Here are the details for the week:

Total miles: 99

New miles: 49

Percent ridden: 46.9 percent up from 45.1 percent

Here are a few more photos from the week:

A FedEx delivery driver mailbox.
A castle box
An illegally dumped hot tub.

One thought on “#EveryStreetTucson: Aug. 7 – 13”
  1. I’ve lived here my whole life, which is currently over 3/4 the way to the statistical grave, and I have ridden on a lot of Tucson’s streets, but I think you have surpassed me.

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