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The brother of a cyclist who was hit and killed in January is raising money to help create a monument and improve the intersection where she was killed.

Patricia Lyon-Surrey’s brother, James Buchta launched a crowdfunding campaign. Here’s what he wrote:

My name is James Buchta. It is with a sadness that I recently learned my sister Patricia passed away. She was struck and killed by a car while biking in Tucson. I have fond memories throughout the years of our hikes and bike rides together. Just this past summer we biked the San Juan islands in Washington state. I will always hold on to those special moments.
The two things I hope to accomplish, in the very near future, with these funds are one to create a memorial near the intersection she was killed in honor of her.  Second, to work with the city of Tucson [Editor’s note: The intersection where she was struck is a Pima County intersection]  in developing  a safer street crossing for bikers and motorists alike. For example, a stop sign for the driver and/or bicyclist, or caution lights to warn drivers of approaching bicyclists.
It is my hope, by rasing these funds, to possibly prevent another tragic death at this dangerous bicycle crossing and to carry on my sister’s memory.

Lyon-Surrey was struck by 89-year-old James Jacobson. Lyon-Surrey was riding west on Sunrise when she was hit by Jacobson who was merging onto Sunrise Drive from Skyline Drive.

One thought on “Family of killed cyclist raising money to change intersection”
  1. One way that Mr. Buchta should consider raising money is through a civil suit against the driver, who failed to yield before killing his sister.

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