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2 thoughts on “Link roundup: April 23”
  1. ” High-ranking county official sues Pima County over bike accident”
    The Jamar Younger/AZ Daily Star/Lee Enterprises headline contains just about every hot button manipulative phrase one can think of. All to excite Facebook commenters and build mindless and uninformed traffic to the web site. They fall for it.

    What is sad for the public with this financially desperate “newspaper” is that feels no obligation or duty to explain things on this issue and so many others. Given that it is essentially financially dying, why would it? The money-grubbing cynicism is amazing; the worst Red Star has seen even though there has always been the tension between manipulating and informing the public.

    Good job Jamar! You rock, bro! (but you don’t work for a newspaper, you work for an ad agency, fyi)

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