By May 1, this stretch of St. Mary’s should be protected by bollards.

Tucson’s first protected bike lane is scheduled to be completed before May 1.

The protected lane will be installed on St. Mary’s Road between I-10 and Church Avenue.

Tucson’s bike and pedestrian program manager Ann Chanecka said they will be using a type of bollard to create separation between the automobile lane and the shoulder.

The city is using a product called Bike Lane Delineators made by Impact Recovery Systems.

Bike Lane Delineators by Impact Recovery Systems.
Bike Lane Delineators by Impact Recovery Systems.

The plastic bollards have springs in the base in order to bend instead of break if a car does hit them.

Similar devices have been used along the Fourth Avenue Bike Boulevard in an attempt to prevent motorists from driving straight on the bikeway. Those, made by a different company, were destroyed fairly quickly.

According to Impact Recovery’s website their bollards include a five-year warranty.

Chanecka said the bollards will be placed about 40 feet apart on long stretches and closer together near driveways.

She stressed that this is a pilot and the city would determine if adjustments needed to be made in the future.



8 thoughts on “Tucson’s first protected bike lane set for May 1 opening”
  1. Any info available on how left turns by bike will be facilitated? That’s the tough part there; I always want to head north as soon as possible once I’m east of the freeway.

  2. @Suzanne  With 40 feet of spacing, cyclists should be able to move left like before.

  3. If you look way in the background on the right you can see 4 empty conventional bike racks near the street. Since they’re always empty they’d be great candidates for overflow bike parking for the Main Library patrons.  It’s just a short walk.  What about all those racks along the Aviation, bonus!  That’s the secret to available bike parkinglocation, location, location.

  4. I was going to make book here on tucson-velo on how long the new bollards at Speedway & 4th Ave would last, but I’m too late. A week or less would have been the winner. I was going to give them until graduation week end. One is still standing as of this writing, so the driver playing ‘traffic pins’ only got a spare.

  5. MikeMcKisson  Mike, I’m not worried about getting past the bollards– just the same problem I have now: I find St. Mary’s stressful to ride west of the interstate, as soon as I get east of it I want to turn left, since I’m almost always going north from there. It’s usually difficult to get across the lanes to make a left because of the curve, visibility, and velocity of cars coming thru the underpass. I just don’t feel like I’ll be seen, so I often get stuck  w  a  i  t  i  n  g  for a huge gap.

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