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2 thoughts on “Link roundup: April 25”
  1. TNBR..large..long..we got lost….
    well, I didn’t know where I was. The Ride took a spin on the new section of the Santa Cruz bikeway, it seems, and meandered all around before that and, being night, it looked as though we had emerged in a different city.
    What fun. I will have to go back in the daytime. It looked like about 130-150 riders last night and it was around 10:40pm when it came to an end.
    Many thanks to the leader(s).

  2. The destination last night was the Julian Wash Archaeological Park.  In the dark, it’s pretty neat.  But I bet it’s just dry and dusty during the day.  The map: 

    Someone did a count at the TCC parking lot and had 122 riders.

    Sorry you got lost! We’ve been using FRS-type radios at the front, back and sometimes in the middle to coordinate the ride and avoid leaving too many people behind.  We use channel 9,9 if you’d like to bring a radio to help.

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