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Check out Danny Macaskill’s newest video: Industrial Revolutions



One thought on “Link roundup: August 16”
  1. I sometimes wonder what goes through Lance Armstrong’s head when he watches any of Macaskill’s videos.  Macaskill exudes 100 percent class all the time — he’s having fun, he’s showing respect for other people and landscapes, he’s all about total beauty on the bike.  Lance is a supreme athlete and a generous philanthropist but, particularly in the last few years, he exudes so much toxicity.  Maybe it’s that Macaskill is performing what amounts to art and Lance is a competitor, but comparing the two for me shows a distinct contrast in these two people and my admiration goes to Macaskill for sure. 

    And did this video make anyone else laugh out loud?  Particularly the first scene with him riding on the tracks?

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