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4 thoughts on “Link roundup: August 19”
  1. On Bikes Being Bikes, make sure to follow the link to the real story.Alex Baca’s Sometimes a Bike is Just a Bike.  Very long well written article regarding the politics of bicycle lanes.  Good Andy Clarke quotes, interesting perspectives and it deals with so much of the class stuff and the perception that white (pink) elites are the only people riding bicycles.  The comments following the article are worth reading (not just for the laughs)  Amazingly a moderator weighs in mid discussion and asks people to just drop the bikes run stop signs detour.  There is the obligatory if you ride a bike take a shower comment but other than that it’s actually dialogue.  This some of the more sophisticated writing I’ve ever seen on this topic.  It’s worth taking the time to read it.  Another reason to love Tucson Velo, the hidden gems.  Click a link and follow it to another one and boom you are amazed.  It happens for me on an almost daily basis.  Thanks Mike!

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