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4 thoughts on “Link roundup: August 2”
  1. WTF?? The downtown library has taken out all its bike racks.  When I asked what happened to them the guy looked at me with such disdain and contempt I had to actually step backward.  And being a lawyer, I am used to being addressed with disdain and contempt.
    Anyway he said the would not be replaced and abruptly waved his arm off toward Stone Avenue, where my bike was locked to a sign, and said I could leave my bike out there.
    Every person I have told this story to has reacted with total bewilderment.  No one can believe the Pima County Public Library Downtown Branch would eliminate all of its bike parking.  What were they thinking?

  2. @Erik Ryberg Empathy on the rudeness of the (county) library employee. The Tucson/Pima County Library has been a silo from the start. Bizarro World. Perhaps if Charles Huckleberry can route his loop thereabouts, there will be proper bike racks.

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