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2 thoughts on “Link roundup: Dec 9”
  1. From the BAC minutes…..”___’s bicycle was stolen and found in a Pawn Shop. Pawn Shop will not release the bike for less than a $500 payment because the shop has a “vested interest” in the bike, even though it is stolen property. TPD policy does state that if a bike owner finds their stolen property at a Pawn Shop, if they want the property back immediately, they will have to pay the fees to the shop to release it.”
    If a stolen car is found in a used car lot for sale, is it treated the same way?
    If I buy some stolen property, does the owner have to buy it back from me?
    How can the stolen property receiver’s rights override the rights of ownership?
    Is the TPD’s policy “it”…end of story, or can it be challenged?
    This topic has been around for some time at the enforcement subcommittee and seems to need further attention.  Why does TPD have to cover a pawn shop’s risk of doing business…let the shop get insurance for that if they can or assume their own risk.  It was stated at a previous meeting that pawn shops don’t follow procedure to curtail acceptance of stolen property, so why protect them? 
    What I got from a subcommittee meeting on this was that the pawn shop has no right to sell the bike, I guess, but can hold it forever. 

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