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5 thoughts on “Link Roundup: December 10”
  1. Yea, I’ve always wondered why humidity (dampness) is factored in for heat index but not wind chill. The assumptions that a steady state of wetness exists kind of negates any usefulness of the ‘how cold does it feel’ measure for cyclists.

  2. It might be best to think of “wind chill” as a baseline from which cyclists can bring in other variables such as diet, general health, apparel, pace, whatever else as they choose, day to day.

  3. Do as you wish. But the ‘regular’ temperature doesn’t account for the wind chill that gets set up this time of year when a neophyte commute/utility cyclist rides at say, 10 mph, when there is a resultant effective “wind” in otherwise still air of 10 mph>>wind chill. Red Star’s objective being that they are not fazed and discouraged by this effect…it can be addressed. Thanks!

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